Make Your Team More Productive

We help technology directors use modern IT strategies so employees get more work done in less time. 


Stop working overtime fixing issues 

Work on your important projects

See measurable results

Are these problems sucking the life out of your job?

  • Sales guy is blaming technology for not hitting numbers

  • Can’t measure how IT is helping grow the business

  • C-Suite won’t give you the budget you need

  • Spending 4+ hours a day reacting to daily issues

  • People complaining about how slow the network is

  • Worried you could get hacked... again

Constant problems leave the person in charge of technology overworked and overloaded.


Stop fixing printers. Start building technology the whole team loves.


work on important projects

Stop fighting fires and free up time to work on the big picture projects

Sleep like a baby

Never worry about security, backups, or getting hacked again.

Be recognized for your impact

Hear your CEO start bragging about your companies technology and efficiency.


With a modern technology strategy, you’ll love going to work... and so will the rest of the team.

I couldn’t take more than a couple days vacation because when the system would crash or computers wouldn’t start - I was the go-to guy our staff would call. And even when we added an IT guy who talked about being proactive - issues still came up and it took days to get something fixed and I was just as stressed. Now things run smoothly and when something does comes up, the staff knows who to call to get it fixed fast - and it’s not me anymore. Now I can go on vacation for as long as I want... with my phone turned off.
— Sean Green

 How your business will win when you work with AMC.


Save tons of money

Save time = save money - clients with 50 employees are able to save 200 hours a week.


Happier employees

Employees are easily frustrated with slow or complicated technology.


Attract top talent

Today’s brightest workers want to work somewhere that keeps up with the times.


New technology planned for

With a 3-5 year plan the future of your technology is planned/budgeted for.

Modernize your business’ technology so employees can get more work done in less time.


Have your tech working for your business in 3 easy steps

1. Meet in Person

Free 30 min in-person meeting at your office with our CEO.

2. Do a tech assessment

We'll go through and identify all the areas sucking time and money.

3. Grow the business

Saving time means you and the entire team get more work done.

We handle your entire IT system


IT Strategy

We provide strategic IT consulting

Proactive Auditing and Documentation System

Solves problems before they start

IT Employee Training

We train IT staff to work more effectively


Hardware/Software Services

Installs - maintenance - updates

Microsoft Cloud Services

Cloud server implementation

Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Peace of mind with daily backups


Virtual Chief Information Officer

Available for strategy and budget

24/7 Support Center

Available when you aren’t

IT Security Services

Never worry about security again


With industry leading services you are freed up to go to work, and actually work on the projects you need to.

Learn to manage your IT like the top companies in the world

In 15 minutes you’ll get the 5 steps it takes to take your IT department from daily chaos to calm and predictable.

In this free guide you’ll learn to:

  • Free up time from those distracting daily issues

  • Make every single employee on the team more productive

  • Use IT to make your business more profitable


Become a respected member of the C-Suite

At AMC we know you want to be confident in the work you are accomplishing and valued by the executive team. In order to make that happen you need your team’s computers to function perfectly so your team can do their jobs well. The problem is you've become so busy solving small daily issues you don’t have time to work on your most important technology projects that could help your team. This makes you feel overlooked and overloaded. We believe if you weren't firefighting daily you could build something with significant impact for your company that would impress the CEO and help your employees be more productive.

We understand what it is like to work in a chaotic work environment with technology always malfunctioning. Our CEO, Anthony, spent years stressed out and overloaded by constant IT problems. That was before we developed a technology strategy system that stops technology problems at the root. Once implemented this strategy saved us so much time, money, and headaches that it led to our ultimate success, freedom to truly partner with and help your company grow. Here’s how we reclaim the time you and your team is pouring down the drain: First, you have an in-person meeting at your office with our CEO. Second, we do a tech assessment - we develop and implement a personalized plan for your business. Then, we free up your time and help you make more money.  So, schedule a meeting here. Now you can stop constantly putting out fires and instead have complete control of your technology and time.

 Schedule a Meeting

In 30 minutes you’ll know

What to fix first to save the most time

What you should do in the next 3-5 years of growth

How AMC can partner with you to get you up and running


Hey, I’m Anthony, CEO here at AMC. For ten years I had a company where I was stressed out and overworked fighting IT fires everyday. So, I developed a process to systematically address every IT problem we experienced so it never happened again. Now my company is efficient, relaxed, and influential. Today, I help CEO’s and the heads of IT apply this same process to their business’ technology so they can save 100’s of hours of their employee’s time and watch their business grow.